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dvv international

dvv international is the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V., DVV), which, in turn, is the federal umbrella association for the 16 regional associations of Germany's community adult education centres (Volkshochschulen, VHS). DVV and its Institute represent the interests of the association's members, together with those of over 1000 Volkshochschulen, at the national, European, and international level.

The domestic and international work of dvv international is guided by a commitment to human rights and the Institute's principles on the promotion of women and gender equality.

dvv international is active on a worldwide basis, cooperating with more than 200 partners in over 40 countries. The Institute sees itself as a professional partner that brings experience and resources to joint projects and learns, in turn, from its partners.

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Academy for Conflict Transformation in the Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD)

The Academy for Conflict Transformation in the Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD) is dedicated to non-violent management of conflicts. It

  • imparts realistic practical knowledge needed in civil conflict management and the Civil Peace Service
  • organises tailor-made training courses for work in conflict regions
  • promotes civil conflict management via publications, conferences and other events
  • conducts research relating to the transformation of violent conflicts, and
  • advises political decision-makers.

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European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA)

EAEA is a European NGO with 127 member organisations from 43 countries working in the fields of adult learning.

The main roles of EAEA are:

  • Policy advocacy for lifelong learning at a European level
  • Development of practice through projects, publications and training
  • Provision of information and services for our members
  • International co-operation

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Alliance for Historical Dialogue (AHDA)

The Alliance for Historical Dialogue (AHDA) is based at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights (ISHR) in New York. It is an interdisciplinary global network that serves as a convening body for scholars and practitioners working in historical dialogue. AHDA provides its affiliates with a forum for constructive interdisciplinary interaction and facilitates with them the sharing of available resources. In doing so, AHDA focuses the discourse of historical dialogue into a well-defined field and raises awareness for it as an innovative mechanism for reconciliation, peacebuilding, and democracy promotion. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge between and within disciplines, AHDA assists its affiliates in shaping a society’s discussion of past violence and its political implications.

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