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Liability for Links

Our site contains links to third-party Web sites. We have no influence whatsoever on the information on these Web sites and accept no guaranty for its correctness. The content of such third-party sites is the responsibility of the respective owners/providers.


Duplication, processing, distribution, or any form of commercialization of the material of this website require the prior written consent of its respective author or creator.

Data protection notice

Your privacy is important to us. All we find out is the IP address and name of your internet service provider, the website from which you are visiting us and the pages of our website that you view. This information is crucial for technical purposes and server safety and is analysed for statistical purposes. All data is stored anonymously.

The personal data that you have given us (e.g. if you fill out the contact form) is only processed internally and used internally for the administration of the service offer in question. This information is not accessible to third parties nor do we pass it on to third parties in any form.

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